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"peace and love, peace and love.."

Norfolk and Chance were created by Richard Plackett and Chris Jennings for the dalek racing at Picocon 18. They took over from Fred (who was feeling his age) as icsf mascots. Norfolk is present in spirit on the icsf IRC channel, and getting brighter all the time.

Norfolk 'n Chance unfortunately lived up to their names in Picocon 19 - however, no doubt they'll be back and improved (eg, working :> ) for Picocon 20.

Christmas 2001
Norfolk, christmas 2001 Norfolk, christmas 2001

Valentine's 2002
Norfolk, valentines 2002 Norfolk, valentines 2002 Norfolk, valentines 2002

Easter 2002
Norfolk, easter 2002

Norfolk 'n friends
Norfolk, cuddly cthulu, February 2002 beeblebear, February 2002 Beeblebear, cuddly 
Cthulu, February 2002


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read biography for - Shuri

 Shuri (21st Feb 2003, 23:11)

Aww Norfolk... he so cuddly. *cuddlesnug*

read biography for - Cristina

 Cristina (2nd Feb 2005, 23:33)

Ahh, we'll soon have new and working Daleks...

read biography for - Drama John

 Drama John (27th Feb 2009, 10:23)

Shouldn't we have Miranda here? She as been our official mascot for more then a year now. And she is my baby ;)

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