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"...all night long, hey hey hey!"

I was born 'pon a dark and stormy day... At the moment of my birth, a shadow covered the sun, a cock crowed thrice before falling off its perch, and an old crone prophesied doom upon the world. Pretty odd, given that it was in the Derbyshire Royal infirmary, really.

As may be gathered from the above, my home town is Derbyshire in the East Midlands (NOT the North, whatever all the Londoner types may think). It can best be described as unremarkable, just like most of its inhabitants. I did nothing interesting for a shocking number of years, other than picking up what was euphemistically termed an 'education' from Nottingham High School, an all-boys school, which may or may not explain a thing or two...

My professed intention at this point in my life is to stay in or around university forever. Initially I intend to achieve this with a masters / PhD depending on results, then whatever I can get in academia. The real world can wait! [show more]

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 SF/F Likes Peter F. Hamilton, Julian May, Iain M. Banks 
 Sf/F Dislikes  TOLKIEN (we hatesss it...), Stephen Donaldson's 'White gold wielder' 


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 Jake (2nd Jan 2003, 14:42)

Ooh, a whole new bio to play with! Let's see if I can't be witty... I was born, quite fortunately, on my birthday in the Derbyshire Royal Infirmary of the 'city' of Derby. I swiftly got over that, attending secondary school in Nottingham at the imaginatively titled 'Nottingham High School', made possible by the wonderful but now sadly defunct system of assisted places... My time there was a little depressing - very 'traditional' place, with its own rigid standards. Still, I came out of it with some nice exam results, so I should be thankful :-). I went from there to Imperial College, London (another imaginative title) to study biology and have some fun. I succeeded at both admirably for the first year, but unfortunately recent events have consipired to delay my pursuit of my degree. Ho hum. Let me see... How to make up for the lack of wittiness above? Maybe if I do some witty quotes: 'Manners before morals!' - O. Wilde 'How nice it would be to have enough imagination to live in a dream world' - Ken Pyne

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 karne (3rd Jan 2003, 02:41)

Was that meant to be in the main blurb? You left it empty so I've ported your old one across.

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 bigbob (15th Jan 2003, 01:32)

it is in the north dammit. not only is it north of the river, its also putsdie the m25. dragons roam there

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