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I will write something honest guv. In the meantime, if you *actually* want to know about me, look at my website, otherwise here is an original peice of prose by me, on where I come from and my sf interests.

I come from the south (it's a case of I come from Graffham, 'where's that?', near Petworth, 'oh, where's that', in Sussex 'oh, where's that'). My interest in Scifi began with Thunderbirds reruns on TV, and then 'grew' to Star Trek, and then onto books, and I can, if provoked, be persuaded to explain why B5 is so good (grin).

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 SF/F Likes Cyberpunk, Neal Stephenson, B5 
 Sf/F Dislikes  Crap Fantasy novels 


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Fun fun fun!
BSc Physics
Escape, escape!
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A great way to gain stress if you miss it
A house
Well I did live somewhere
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Maybe I shouldn't be advertising this....?


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 bigbob (15th Jan 2003, 01:23)

meep meep!

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 muppet (5th Mar 2003, 10:43)

there is a video somewhere of me morphing into animal :)

 Random Coward (29th Jun 2005, 05:43)

i love b5 soooooooooo much

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