Oscar Francois de Jarjeyes (mikazuki)

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(01:50:37) Lamb: did u drop dead
(01:50:41) junko%: OI!
(01:50:47) junko%: no, not yet
(01:50:51) Lamb: heard some noise
(01:50:53) junko%: but im planning to go to bed now
(01:51:02) junko%: i dropped a spoon on the table
(01:51:02) Lamb: oh, thought your balllock fell out
(01:51:07) junko%: WTF?!
(01:51:31) Lamb: well, ballock is rich in iron so when it falls..it sounds like metal
(01:51:56) junko%: omg im laughing so bad i couldnt type
(01:52:01) junko%: ........
(01:52:04) Lamb: .....
(01:52:09) junko%: DISGUSTING

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read biography for - dormouse

 dormouse (13th Mar 2005, 13:15)

Are you Adilah Hussein? (to avoid confusion. As everyone else has their real name entered on their bio)

 mikazuki (11th Apr 2005, 01:08)

Sometimes. . . I think.

read biography for - Spinzer

 Spinzer (11th Jun 2005, 06:49)

No, I think not.

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