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"Atheism: The non-prophet religion"

Biography. Umm. Yes. Let's see

I'm a cockney by way of Yorkshire, which gives me the rather unique ability to call myself a Londoner, while still mocking most people for being effete southerners. I'm also an undergrad in the Dept. of Mathematics, and will be for the foreseeable future, unless I fail my course, due to such things as filling biographies when I should be revising.

I like books, a lot, and my 6 year old plan to become ICSF Chairentity has now come to fruition (Yes, this means I knew about ICSF two years before I came to IC. You are not alone in being worried). This makes me happy. It isn't that I dislike films (and the fact that more than 90% of the films I have seen have been at the behest of ICSF members is irrelevant) or anything - I just like books. Possibly more than is healthy, since I've been known to viciously attack people who wantonly damage them. This constitutes fair warning.

I'm also an order freak (which, before people laugh, is significantly different to (from?) a neat freak) which was why I was stupid enough to volunteer to be Web Editor as well.

I'm also, unfortunately, compulsively helpful - so if someone asks me to do something useful, I find it almost impossible to say no.

And I like parentheses. And books.[shrink]

 Mini Bio

 SF/F Likes L E Modesitt, Jr, Terry Pratchett. Most books really. 
 Sf/F Dislikes  DnD the Movie. It must be destroyed! 


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read biography for - dormouse

 dormouse (18th Oct 2005, 20:22)

don't worry, you'll be scaring freshers yourself in no time ;)

welcome to the site!

read biography for - Kvetch

 Kvetch (20th Oct 2005, 22:45)

Where is a manic laughter html tag when you really need it?

read biography for - karne

 karne (21st Oct 2005, 15:54)

/me makes mental note to add one on the next rebuild of this site..

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