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"Aero engineers kill people. That's what we do unless we're *really* *good*."

Why am I on this page? Well, having been dragged around Europe (Switzerland, Germany and Holland) from a reasonably early age, I decided that I would like to study in the U.K.. Also, being obsessed with air- and spacecraft from an even earlier age, I felt that Aeronautical Engineering would be the way to go. After a month at Imperial, I gathered that AeroEng was often described as "the hard course". Ah well...

Still, like many geeks I love words, and had gravitated towards SF since my early teens. I started with short stories, which I still enjoy, and went from there. At the Freshers' Fair, I zeroed in on the Society, and have not let go since. Strangely enough, people have not yet run screaming...

The Powers that Be obviously thought I might as well be put to use, so I helped out at Picocon and met even more scary but likeable people. Somehow after that, I found myself ChairEntity for a year...  [show more]

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read biography for - bigbob

 bigbob (15th Jan 2003, 01:12)

at least he didnt fail before he was chair

read biography for - Jakob

 Jakob (15th Jan 2003, 17:39)

Gee thanks Bob - I feel so much better now :)

read biography for - bigbob

 bigbob (15th Jan 2003, 17:42)

glad to be of assiatance

read biography for - elvum

 elvum (4th May 2003, 00:20)

Occasionally to be seen with pink hair, although photographic evidence escapes me right now...

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