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"Drosophila melanogaster"

Most people in the society have some idea of who i am, after 4 years of active membership. Having just booked another 3 years at Ic through my PhD those of you who do not know me soon will. I am something of a rareity in many ways being both a Geordie (although no one listening to me talk would have any clue) and also an ex-biochemistry student (although I will be working from now on in physics).

the name fruitfly originates from my first year at IC where for about 2 weeks the entire biochemistry course seemed to be focused around fruitfly (those of you who are doing biochemistry will remember it fondly). My friends got so fed up of me talking about them that they decided to nickname me after them.

Up until this year i have taken up no responsabilities in terms of the comittee of this fine society (almost said institution but maybe that is a little too close to the truth for comfort). But this year the society has had the brainwave of putting me in charge of Picocon. For those of you who do not know what picocon is go and have a look at the website! This will be updated as the year goes on but at the moment the event itself looks like being held at the end of Feburary).

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