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bob was born in deepest darkest surrey to many years ago to care. bob was a good student till he came to college. bob then joined icsf and things went horrbly wrong or was that just finding the bar. bob has the disturbing habits of hmmming, speaking in the third person, typoing, not using capitals, writing stuff as streams of consicousness, growing bad beards and cultivating mould and spores. bob is currenlty enjoying some CFT. bob did eventually pass his degree after a few attempts. bob awaits his impending godhood,which is imminent.

bob likes beer,sf, more beer and fiddling with computers.
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 SF/F Likes Heinlein, Hamiliton, Star Wars, B5, Asher, Roberts 
 Sf/F Dislikes  Pratchett, Fantasy in general 


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 Shuri (21st Feb 2003, 23:26)

All bow down before the Almighty..

 mikazuki (11th Apr 2005, 01:44)

omg...... you live in croydon, and in coombe road.......
i used to live in croydon (and i really hated it!!!)

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 Bushbaby (13th Dec 2006, 14:34)

Bob, who is far too modest to talk about it, is soon to be appearing in Season 3 of Doctor Who, in the story "Terror of the Boblings". Also has a walk on role in "The Evil of Gestetner".

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