Rosie Goldsmith (Rosie)

Ranking: Sandworm

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"Dragons, dragons and more dragons."

Has managed to follow the 'not fail degree' part of to-do list, Yay!

I'll be out at Silwood park 2010-2011 for my MSc so need ICSF to be here for my doses of non field+rabbits+trees sanity. Plz?

 Mini Bio

 SF/F Likes Generic fantasy, Tolkein, Pratchett, dragons, horses and all related.. 
 Sf/F Dislikes  Surprisingly little, I will normally read all recommended, ditto films. 
 Notes  Be warned, suspected insanity. 


There are 3 timeline events between 2007 and 2010... [show them]


read biography for - Fluffy Alex

 Fluffy Alex (15th Mar 2008, 10:54)

Well, you've managed to drag me in good and proper Goldsmith... *rolls eyes* - Fluffy

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