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I was born in Leeds, Yorkshire, and went to school there. I escaped Leeds for the heady pleasures of a Cambridge Natural Sciences degree. I'm not quite sure how I managed to pass my finals, but I did and migrated here, where I did a Masters in Applied Optics in the physics department. No, I can't fix your glasses for you.

I started reading science fiction quite young, mostly my Dad's fault. I didn't really do much active about it until I came to IC, where I joined ICSF for a dose of madness as an antidote to the course. And for the library, of course.

I read almost anything, so I'm not going to list my favourites. I'd be here all day. I'll just mention Robert Jordan, Robert Heinlein, Larry Niven, Orson Scott Card and David Brin. In television terms, I recommend Babylon 5, Blake's 7 and The Prisoner. I've occasionally been spotted watching Star Trek as well. Babylon 5 is probably the best of the lot, edging out Blake's 7 by dint of having a budget.

At the moment I'm doing a PhD in the Applied Optics Group, now renamed Photonics, messing around with pattern recognition for one of the optics-and-the-eye projects. I'm treasurer of ICSF, and I train at the karate club. I've read too many books with heroic bare-hand fighters, I think.


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 karne (22nd Jan 2003, 10:39)

Welcome aboard!

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 dormouse (3rd Feb 2004, 12:38)

he's got a postdoc at IC, so is hanging around for a while :)

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