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"whats a tagline"


Here is a brief account of my life, times, likes, dislikes, politics appetites and other things you don't want to know about me.

After a brief traumatization at the hands of the secondary education system, I found my niche in the world and arrived at Imperial College. One degree in physics down and im working on a second. I've recently been offered the chance of a research post here and am writing up as hard as i can. Claire and I got engaged on our 8th anniversary in March 2006

I joined the Science Fiction Society straight away and proceeded to indulge my addiction to trashy films full of explosions, aliens and big spaceships on visible strings. Apart from this commendable activity I hit the drums in a cheese metal called Dead Karma (which also contains Billy and Adam), and used to disorganise the Jazz and Rock club here at IC, they gave me a fellowship for sticking at it so long in 2005. Ive been Chair and publicity officer of ICSF and Chair and treasurer of Jazz and Rock


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 SF/F Likes Dr Who, Firefly, Gozilla 
 Sf/F Dislikes  buffy 


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 karne (21st Jan 2003, 23:26)

Hello richard ]:=8)

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 Billy (27th Jan 2003, 00:20)

hmm. shiny shirts. master of strange phrases. and stuff.

 Random Coward (20th Dec 2004, 15:50)

hello how are you

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