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"The Keen One"

I arrived at Imperial, and acquired the nickname "Liz". Don't even ask, just accept it. One of the cloud of physicists occupying the Library, I impress many people by my keen-ness, and annoy them with my puns. Luckily, this is ICSF, so they don't get weirded out easily :)

ICSF Dave-count: 6
Global Dave-count: 14

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read biography for - Kvetch

 Kvetch (7th Nov 2008, 01:58)

Yes, yeeeesssss ... thou shalt be Liz forever more!!!!

read biography for - Liz

 Liz (17th Dec 2008, 10:17)

I know. It's spread (by weird osmosis) to halls, where I'm being mistaken for somebody who is actually called Liz(zie).

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