Alex Taylor (Bushbaby)

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"Born from an egg on a mountain top"

IC. I loved it.

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 SF/F Likes Philip K Dick. Donnie Darko. Preacher. Frank Herbert. JMS. Zelazny. David Lynch. The Buffy-verse. 
 Sf/F Dislikes  The last 3 stops on the Circle Line Pub Crawl. 
 Notes  F# 


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 Bushbaby (29th Oct 2003, 15:49)

I couldn't possibly comment

read biography for - bigbob

 bigbob (29th Oct 2003, 16:50)

wooo, it returns

read biography for - karne

 karne (29th Oct 2003, 17:04)

bloody hell - a sighting, a sighting!

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