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"Do you happen to have a jaffacake?"

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My favourite film is Bladerunner, and currently my favourite food is noodles. These two things are not linked.

Neverwhere gets points for oddness done well. Oh and the Marquis de Carrabas. It definitely gets points for the Marquis de Carrabas. The beast was a bit useless though.

I like messing around with pictures. Sketching is good, digital manipulation is good, photography is also good. Modern art for the most part really isnt good. Really really.

And before you start thinking How Gothy Art Thou? This picture is of a contact ball - possibly the one relaxing form of juggling, and paradoxically the one which has the maximum of efficiency in breaking windows.

Favourite book: Tough call, I like shedloads and it varies. I guess Burning Chrome by Gibson - a collection of short stories, that show off a somewhat warped imagination but aren't long enough to make the gaps in his knowledge of all things techy stick out.

Cyberpunk, baby;)

Some of us are making a film and I get to direct. So far its all gone swimmingly - well ok we nearly killed the stuntman and we scammed our way into some of the finer museums in south kensington and had to talk people into lending us props, and we've ripped off every sci-fi cliche known to man or beast. We're hoping Spielberg can make it to the premiere - he might be able to pick up some tips.


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 SF/F Likes vonda mcintyre and decent cgi 
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 elvum (5th Jan 2003, 00:14)

Alia is ninety-six feet tall and made entirely of Jaffa Cakes. Her hobbies include breaking windows, ceilings and arms. She is nothing to do with the *other* Alia, who goes round persuading people to do entertaining things.

read biography for - elvum

 elvum (5th Jan 2003, 00:18)

Did I mention that she liked Jaffa Cakes?

read biography for - Philip Pearson

 Philip Pearson (6th Jan 2003, 11:33)

Mmm, 96ft jaffa cake woman - prgp might be in love (or just hungry)

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