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Internet Movie Database

 Internet Movie Database

Link submitted by gaspode on 2002-10-24

Contents include - News, Spoilers, Reviews, Synopses, Information

Subjects include - Science Fiction and Fantasy, Entertainment, Movie Site, What's on

IMDB is the essential site for anybody looking for information on almost any movie. It cross-references vast quantities of information, including obscure trivia, famous quotes and shooting locations. If you want to find out who that guy in those movies was, and what else he's been in, this is the place to look.

gaspode - 2002-10-24

A brilliant site. I visit it after seeing any film. It also covers TV shows, but their information is a bit more complicated. There's also a message board system with many geeks who'll know the answer if you can't find it on the site.
The only downside to the site is that it is collated from information from volunteers so there are often errors, people posting unconfirmed rumours etc.

Sulkyblue - 2003-01-05

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