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Link submitted by bigbob on 2003-01-03

Contents include - Information

Subjects include - What's on, Entertainment

A very useful site for tv listings, espeically if you have multi-channel tv. Now more commercial, but well worth it. The windows program is also very good or was the last time i had a windows machine.
Very useable in my opinon.

bigbob - 2003-01-03

Yup, seconded. The Radio Times website has been really slow recently (to the extent that it's unusable), and DigiGuide gives more info than the printed copy of RT. In particular, it has season/episode numbers for most programs, which makes it a lot faster for me to do the weekly listing for ICSF :) If you look at free listings on the website, there are only 3 channels available. However, if you download the Windows client, you get every channel free for 30 days, then it's 6.99 a year, which is pretty good value.

John Kirk - 2003-01-04

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