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 Penny Arcade

Link submitted by Jakob on 2002-04-11

Contents include - Humour

Subjects include - Software, Computer Equipment, Computer Games, Web comics, Computing

The first one is always free... This is a often bad-tempered, always hilarious webcomic by gamers, for gamers. Gabe and Tycho are my heroes and love Star Wars; what more need I say?

Jakob - 2002-04-11

These people scare me and entertain me in equal measure... this webcomic is arguably the best around, and every strip since *whenever* is still available for the high of bandwidth.
Good web design, constantly freshened by the talent of Gabe and the coding skillz of everyone's favourite gothic webmistress, Emma

elvum - 2002-04-11

This site has more wang than any other.

Billy - 2002-04-20

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