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Editors' Bits: Sad Macs Beyond Interzone

Dear Reader,
welcome to the 1993 edition of ICSFs fanzine, our annual attempt to put together a typically crap selection of assorted SF thoughts and reviews. I'm pleased to say though, that I honestly (ho-fucking- ho!) think that this one is actually rather readable and should certainly please you, the Brotherhood of The Anorak aka Boyz with the Hood, out there. Science fiction at its best has always been a forum for new ideas, ones which can actually tell us more about ourselves than just the Outer Space bollocks SF fans are conventionally associated with. To this end, our fanzine looks at the best ideas currently in the SF domain, be they in the form of comics or films. I should also have ordered one of the slaves to write about books (I've only just realised myself, sitting down to write this bit). But I didn't. So sod off. You'll probably enjoy the fab new ST:TNG story, though, which I think is very true to the style of the originals, but you can judge for yourselves.

All fanzine editorials that I've ever come across have this bit where the Editor goes on about how fucking hard it was (yes alright, oo-er missus) cobbling together that particular fanzine and how they hoped that you'd enjoy it, so here it is: it was fucking hard cobbling together this fanzine and I hope you'll enjoy it. I'm now going to thank all the people who did the real work: thanks especially to Luke, for contributing all the artwork and an article and also for doing the actual editing and for putting in downright ridiculous hours to make sure the damn thing got finished. Thanks also to Michael for the stupid amounts of time he put in and also for the effort he put into his article. Cheers as well to Bridget, Dik, Steve 4 Liz ... sorry! Steve & Liz for all the time and effort (I know it was a hell of a lot) they put into their respective pieces (!) and also to Stephen D'Anorak for his brilliant contribution, 'Bugger All'. I ought to thank some wanker for making the coffee. But no-one did. So I won't. And lastly, thanks go particularly to Jack Shit for 'just being there'. What the fuck does that phrase mean? I don't know, but I think I'm supposed to say it anyway, so I have. Thanks also to you, for buying this mag and hopefully for putting in the time and trouble to check it out: with any luck, it'll be worth it. The other editor doesn't have any bits, so this is all the crap you have to put up with. Be grateful. Be very grateful