WHJC - October 1985


What's It All About
Psi Phi Soc
Dave Clements
Doctor X
Dreamwalking John Coupe
Trivial Tony Wildish
Inquisitor David Leigh
Quotes Chris Crosskey
Sounds Simon
Felix misc
A Readers' Digest Guide to Exorcism
The End
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Thanks to...

Sorry, but this is a recorded announcement. I'm afraid the Editor's brain is just completely out to lunch at the moment, and who can blame him after producing this thing. He asked me to tell you a few things though. Firstly, this is a work of fiction, and any events, characters, places, ideas, societies, universities, Reader's Digest magazines, spelling and punctuation are entirely the product of our own deranged imaginations. Any resemblances are purely coincidental and unintentional (honest). Thanks are due to the following humans, aliens, artificial intelligences and gestalts:- Aidon Jennery for getting the editor involved (you fool), John Coupe for articles, general assistence and staying away most of the time, Tony for being our CERN correspondent (enjoy youself but not too much), Simon Travis for Sounds(sorry but the editor forgot your surname), Hugh Stiles for warm milkbottles and eyes, Rose for being around, Murph and Hugh for threatening articles, Wellsoc (yes even them) for getting the editor hooked in the first place, Rosemary and Chris Martin for typesetting, Chris Crosskey for Quotes, Hugh Southey and Dave Rowe for being there and for being Felix editors, Sarah, Chris, Martin, Nigel, Tony, Diane and anyone else in the Felix office for putting up with the editor, SCC for paying, ICSF for reading, distribution and collating (and you'd better), Julian Curtis for editing Wellsian, Huw Parry for a Wellsoc credit, Ben Sidle for not giving the editor an Astrosoc credit, Wargames club for providing an outlet for psychopathic desires, Chaosium for producing the world's best role playing games, Dr. H.R.Gebbie and Nick Thornton for giving the editor a job over the summer (best of luck in the research), Vicky King of cusfs for the Acorn User Show, the inevitable 'everyone the editor has forgotten' and the world of science fiction for not writing sentences like this anymore. WHJC is published by the editor for and on behalf of Imperial College Science Fiction Society (so now you know who to blame). The Editor, as if you didn't know already, is Dave Clements, Advertising Manager is John Coupe. Copyright ICSF 1985, so there. If you still want to meet ICSF even after reading this, we'll be at the Freshers' Fair on Tuesday 1st October, or in the Green Committee Room every Thursday lunchtime.

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The Editor's brain transplant.

P.S. I almost forgot, don't forget to come to the film WARGAMES starring Mathew Broderick on Tuesday 8th October, 6.30 in Mech Eng 220