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What's It All About

In case you haven't noticed yet, this is the magazine of Imperial College Science Fiction Society. For those cognoscenti among you this is a Fanzine, ie. a magazine produced by fans. (Don't worry about it).

I won't waste your time and valuable paper by congratulating you on getting here, since plenty of people will be doing that over the next few days (please ignore the preceding sentence if you are not a fresher or are not at Imperial College). You are here (wherever that may be) and we are here to help you wile away the evenings, days and nights until you're not here any more.

So, what do ICSF, as we sometimes call ourselves, do? Well, we have a three fold plan to control the universe. First we show films, mostly science fiction, but sometimes we show something else just for the hell of it. Our first film, free to members (membership is 1.50 at the door) is Wargames, the film in which a teenage hacker (much misused word) almost sets off World War Three. Other films we plan to show include Terminator, 2001 and 2010, Top Secret, and anything else we can come up with. Come along to a library meeting (see later) if you've got any ideas.

Stage 2 of our plan is our library and library meetings. We possess a not insignificant collection of about 1000 SF books. Members can borrow these with no time limit (so long as no one else requests the book). Library meetings, at which the library is open, are held every Thursday lunchtime in the Green Committee Room on the top floor of the Union Building (it'll be signposted for the first few meetings). We also discuss film shows, trips and cinema outings at these meetings, and occasionally challenge other societies to play silly games.

Finally there is our premier event of the year, our very own convention, Picocon. At this we offer a full 12 hours of science fiction, by way of films, guest speakers, games and general entertainment. Provisional date for this years extravaganza is 22nd February. The rest of the arrangements are so secret that not even I know what's going to happen.

As mentioned before, we also arrange trips to cinemas, theatres and other conventions. There are two regular SF meetings in London which we attend as well. BSFA (British...Association) meets in a pub off Sloane Square every Third Friday of the month, and the granddaddy of them all, the One Tun meeting every first Thursday. The One Tun meeting has been going on since the 1930's when Arthur C. Clarke and others started it. You often meet famous SF personalities there since anyone into SF who's in London on the day usually turns up (and that includes any US authors in the country!).

Now for some gratuitous film news. Shooting has started on Star Wars 1 (yes, the original was Episode 4), tentatively titled The Clone Wars or The Old Republic. It is rumored to be using similar computerised special effects to The Last Starfighter. Star Trek 4 is on its way to production, to be titled The Trial of Admiral Kirk. Also, I understand that when the Beeb finally get round to showing it again, the four 'missing' Treks will be there. McCaffrey fans will be pleased to know that Dragonriders of Pern, a big budget animated feature, will arrive in about a year.

Pheww!. That just about wraps it, and me, up. You'll be pleased to know that the foregoing is about as informative as an SFSOC feature ever gets. See FELIX for further installments. Me, I'm going back to hibernation.

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D Clements

Dave Clements - Editor

remember, reading can be dangerous Psi Phi Soc

I risk my safety with this revelation, but I feel that the details of my friend Prof Paul Stark's discovery must be voiced to the scientific community and I use this surreptitious means to do so, maintaining my anonymity into the bargain.

So days ago Paul rang me in the early hours of the morning, telling me that he had at last developed a hundred percent efficient synthetic elastic. He urged me to go down to Cambridge straight away. As soon as I put the phone down the dangerous implications of his discovery dawned on me. I rang back but there was no reply.

The sun was rising as I made my way to Paul's lab. The door was locked but the window through the door revealed Paul's fate. Debris lay about the room, of both metal and flesh. Blood splattered the floor and walls, and a tiny black ball, looking just like a child's power ball, ricochetted around and around the room, never stopping. Paul was wrong, the elastic was more than 100% efficient. The thump of the ball on the door grew louder.

The army has cordoned off Cambridge and MI5 want to 'talk' to me.

Doctor X