The Waking Edge - 1989
Editorial - Amanda Baker
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Amanda Baker

The Evil One herself

As I complete the first stage of the task which was so gently laid upon me, may I take this opportunity of saying a few words about the publication I am about to offer to you, our unsuspecting public. (Well, I didn't expect to be editing this thing, so we're equal!)

Many long hours and much toil has gone into this, the first fanzine to totter out into the harsh light of day in four long, weary years. (So you'd better not say anything nasty about's mother!!) This innocent (well sort of) infant has had to suffer under the all-deadening influence of Apathy, as wall as the all-consuming shadow of so-little-time-in-which-to-do-it. So 1 hope you think it has been worth waiting for. If not well, I've heard a rumor about a job vacancy for 1989-90 editor of some little-known magazine.

icsf has been flourishing since The Waking Edge, the ancestral 'zine to this, was the flavour of the month. Soaring membership, non-negligible levels of fame through our expanding PicoCon, the grand unveiling of the icsf Library and now (I have been told) even the first glimmering of Sexual Equality for IC, that isn't bad! So hopefully, this little gem will be the first in a long line of ever more glittering masterpieces to be lovingly borne forth from out...(hang on...HANG ON...stop it. You're getting just a little carried away, there. TEO).

Ahem. Yes. As I was not saying, many, many thanks and warm, cuddly bear-hugs to all those who made this possible (but be quick, before this good mood wears off.) Eligible persons include, contributors, advisers, helpers and everyone who has put the 'life' into 'living' for me. Specifically, and in no particular order (sort of): My (nearly) tame Polecat, Air Vice- Marshal Bradshaw, Nancy the Tway, MadHat, Wlodek, Spermo, FELIX and the other authors.

Ta muchly.Yours,

The Evil One

Any resemblance of anything contained within to fiction or non-fiction, living, dead, undead or in cryonic suspension is a complete accident. The Editor extends its sincere apologies fur any such mistake.