The Edge - 1990/91
Review - Million - The Magazine of Popular Fiction
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Review: Million - The Magazine of Popular Fiction

I was sent the first issue of Million without asking for it, or paying for it. I suppose that sort of direct marketing is more cost effective than national television commercials. This comes from the publishers of Interzone (The colour coversheet looks as if it could be turned inside out and used for Interzone as well). It features many of the names that you love to hate. David Pringle, Kim Newman, Brian Stableford, Dave Langford and all the old gang in their alter-'non SF'-egos.

One of my main criticisms of Interzone was that, although it was very professionally produced, it was an effort to read. With many of the stories I had the same problem as I had with James Joyce's Ulysses, I just put them down and never finished them. Million still has that professionalism, but has fewer short stories, and the non-fiction articles are interesting.

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