The Edge - 1990/91
Poems - Various
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Look at the Ghost

"Look at the ghost" said the boy
And his innocence sweetened the dawn air
And his longing to meet and to know
Stretched out across the beach.

"That's not a ghost" said the old man
With a smile that creased his face
For he had met and he had learnt
And now he taught.

A bank of fog wove and dived and swam
And tendrils searched for human thought
The boy yearned to travel out
To the white mist beyond

The old man replied, frowning now,
"Surely not a ghost, surely not"
For the man did not know now
But the boy was sure.

The ghost sensed doubt and gained life
And substance and reached for the old man
And the boy watched knowingly
As the old man stood and cried.

It crawled on towards the man
With venom in its eyes and lust and hate
Now he knew, now he was sure
And the old man died.

Paul Davison

The Autumn Sun

The autumn sun sinks slowly 'neath the hill
The shadows grow, as night begins to fall
And in the valley floor, a lake that mirrors all.
A dying breeze then all the Earth is still.
An incandescent flash - a light that sears the eyes -
Then in the space behind a storm of neutrons flies.
The burning wind; a wave of heated air:
The shock-pulse spreads, to smash down trees and walls
And where the missile struck: a mushroom cloud grows there.
While from the dust-clouds up above, the radiation falls.
Retaliation on its way: scenarios unfurled.
A lone man stands and waves goodbye to what was once a world.

Massie Harper


In all the great expanse of the universe
There is one small point in one small space
That is me, and mine alone.

And all around me are smaller points
And smaller, and smaller to infinity
Every one different yet massing into one.

But as I step back the points are larger
For many become one and again and again
And one large mass emerges

And that large spot, it grows and grows
It eats and fights and spreads and lo!
That one spot- it is all, it is whole.

That whole point, it is the total
Of all the single living things
And in the middle of it all
Is me, and mine alone.