The Edge - 1990/91
Dear Lifeform - Paul Davison
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Dear Life-form,

Thank you for purchasing our Interstellar transporter model 497Z.M

With a little regular maintenance this product will give millenia of satisfaction but we recommend that you observe the few simple precautions set out below for maximum enjoyment.

  1. Please never attempt to use the transporter when under the influence of intoxicating substances. We take no responsibility for accidental immortality or time travel resulting from this.
  2. Always shut the door before activating the transporter.
  3. Disconnect the mains supply before removing cover. Call a registered engineer for any irregular maintenance.
  4. Read the instruction manual fully before use.
  5. Please observe the rules of space-travel. You do not own the galaxy so please respect other space users. Under galactic law you must pull over and switch off the engine if required to do so at any time by a galactic police unit.
  6. Do not attempt to contact our complaints department; we do not have one.
  7. A guide to budget accommodation and restaurants is available for the majority of the inhabited universe from our office.

Thank you and happy travelling.


Paul Davison

Archimedes and PC pd wanted. Arc pd distributed or sold.
Send formatted floppies or letter to 
Alex Mc c/o ICSF, or email me

Forbidden Planet signings 
9th March (1-2) Robert Holdstock, Philip Williamson 
8th April (1-3) Anne Rice 

Sometimes, the spaces are just as important as the other bits. This is one of those cases. This particular space is so important that it has had text written over it.