The Edge - 1990/91
Drabble's - Various
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The Drabble

What the **** is a drabble? I hear you ask. Well a drabble is a short piece of creative writing exactly 100 words in length, on any subject the author chooses. The only constraint is the length. In such a short piece it is obviously very hard to develop a story and so most drabbles are abstract. A few examples are printed below and a few more are dotted about in the rest of the magazine.

So now you know.

Communicate: The First Lesson

The curse and the cause to choose they told me. Submission of the whole to one mind. My mind. An eternity of sorting. A life without earthly meaning.
A myth that Earth exists. That our one dimensional life is not the only life. A myth that we do not control our own lives.
Communication is objectivity and direction. Laying down boundary lines but building no walls: leaving the condition that all can be seen. Nothing except nothing itself is invisible.
Beginning upon a psychedelic helix that has its direction towards both self and conversely to you.
Look. See. I.

R E Sowray 1990

The inevitable Blakes 7 bit

Servalan smiled. At last the Liberator was hers. She looked around the fight deck, admiring her new prize. Zen flashed intermittently on the wall. Orac lay silently on the table awaiting her commands. At last Blake and his pathetic Seven were destroyed. Blake himself shot down by the man who stood beside her, and the others dead or scattered through the galaxy. She was the President of the Federation now, and nothing could stop her. She turned to the man standing by her.
"Set a course for Earth," she commanded.
"Yes, my love," replied Avon.

(G Cogman)

Rhapsody in Blu

blutackThey found the building still standing fifty years after the War. Their seventy year old bodies were protected by gleaming white radiation suits. Carefully they picked their way over the rubble of the Queen's Tower towards the Great Hall. The staircase in the entrance hall was not safe but they supported it with a steel, meccano-like, structure. Single file, they strode along the walkway. The x-assistant publicity officer touched the wall, with a tear in his eye. Between the bricks and the multi-layered material of his glove was a skin of Blu-Tak. He had helped raise that blu wall in a last ditch attempt to survive the War. He remembered the copy of Felix which broke the news of the discovery of Blu-Tak's radiation absorbing properties.

He laughed then. He cried now...

(The Bearded One)


She had agreed. And so Anze and Kire eased their studs home, to share their minds.

Tentatively, eyes locked, each gently probed the integrity of the other. Sliding past the surface tension, the individual minds intersected further into oneness of total union.

But probing mental fingers could find only dizzyness and incomprehensible confusion. Anze felt her reaching towards his deepest point.

Anze convulsed, terrified, as he experienced her total agony at their most united moment. Leaving the face, he stared down at the twisted corpse.

He cowered, shockedly unbelieving.

How could the mind of her lover have destroyed a woman?

Amanda Baker


The difference between life and death is that with life you are never sure when it will end exactly. With death you know it never will.

Permanence is power (ask any politician). Death has an undefinable power about it. You can*t go wrong - there is no further punishment possible. The freedom to do exactly as you please is yours truly only when you leave life, and all its possessiveness far behind you.

Then you are free, really free.

But what a high price to pay for such an abstract luxury And what a choice to make - no choice at all.

P. Davison

Life Form

I am nothing, but I grow.

Now I am! Do you see? Who am I but is just a skeleton? A humanoid bipedal carbon-based lifeform.

No! I am more. My mind refutes, my brain rebels. I think therefore I am.

Do you see? Intelligence is born. Wisdom grows with life itself. The old man is wiser than the young.

I must learn from these people. I must enquire, grow wise myself that I might be like my teacher.

Do you see? I am wise I am more, I have learnt, I have knowledge and now I die.

Paul Davison