The Edge - 1990/91
Editors Bit - Paul Davison
Vice's Bit - The Bearded One
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Editor's Bit

In the beginning there was Sci-fi.

Out of the mists emerged a first year physicist who one day stumbled blindly into the sci-fi library and was promptly elected fanzine editor.

Bewildered and confused, he thought that this would mean a series of agonising decisions as to which of the many stories, poems, drawings etc. he would include in the fanzine, which he was sure would be the size of an encyclopaedia. Well, he was a first year...

Three months later he got his first contribution for the magazine. He wrote it himself. But after this the story just flooded in. He couldn't believe his eyes. He was disillusioned and disgusted. He thought that by now apathy was an art form - after all that's the nearest most science students get to art.

But he was wrong. A select few wrote for the magazine. Few in number but great in magnitude. The editor came off the valium and produced a fanzine. And here it is.

Many thanks to everyone who contributed, in any way.
And thank you for listening.

Paul Davison
Paul Davison - Editor

Do you think you can do better than the contents of this fanzine?

If so, please send a copy of whatever you have written, drawn, given birth to, whatever, to the address below. Please include a name and address so that we can credit you.

Imperial College Science Fiction Society,
Imperial College Union,
Beit Hall
Prince Consort Road
South Kensington
London, SW7

or just drop it in to the library in Beit Quad.

Vice bit.

Well we actually got a fanzine out. I am amazed. I really didn't think it possible. When ex IC students tell you how much work they did at college, don't believe them. They are the laziest bunch of ^%%^^{!>'][. For anyone interested in computers: The text for this fanzine was typed on various computers including Suns, Archimedes, and Macs. (Almost) everything was ported via MessyDOS to my Arc. DTPed, messed around, then at the last minute we put everything onto Mac disks (into MacWrite2) so that we could use the college laser printers. You got that? give yourself a degree.

The Bearded One