Synergy - June 1998
A New Home - &r
Portal - karne
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A New Home

Portal, by karne "Approaching flagged system, home-class world dead ahead."

"Continue carefully, half-speed. Pull into standard orbit."

"Aye, captain."

When they arrived at yet another possible new home, the entire crew breached a sigh of relief. It looked hospitable; that was hopeful. Too many times they had had their hopes dashed. They had been to so many systems which had seemed good to long range sensors, only to find something wrong which made the place uninhabitable. They had travelled for so long that everyone was getting tired.

The huge ship slowed and entered orbit around their objective - a new world to live in.

Extensive tests were done from their orbit, before they would risk the lives of an exploratory team. When the world was cleared for landing, they tentatively sent a small team to the surface.

Reports were good. The air was clean and there was plenty naturally growing to eat. The climate was ideal; for living in, for growing plants from home, for bringing up children. Bacteria were similar to home, mutations were low. More extensive tests were done and finally a conclusion was reached. The captain, technical staff and leaders of the refugees agreed - this was to be their new home.

The first wave of settlers was awakened. The builders, innovators, pioneers, the hardy and rugged and the experienced in survival, chosen for their abilities, landed and started to build.

Finally, all the refugees were awake. Everyone was settled in, comfortable houses had been built and all were happy. Thoughts turned to children - it would not have been fair to have them aboard ship. There, they would not have been able to stretch their wings and they would not have reacted well to suspended animation. But now, they would have a whole world to play and grow in.

Now, the would-be parents turned their attention to the satellites of their world.

That third one, the little blue green one - it would be ideal place to lay their eggs. The good sized bodies of water would cushion a couple of eggs each. The place would be a good incubator - once they had brought it up to a decent temperature.

A slow process, warming a whole planet, but well worth the effort. Children were the delight of their lives.

by &r (Amanda Kerr-Munslow, Physics UG 3)