Synergy - June 1998
The Darktime - Lucien, Knight - Ed Marwood
Draco - ShadowCat, Yeti - L.J.P. Kilford
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Knight, by Ed Marwood Silence whispers harshly, truths I cannot bear,
Darkness lays a hand upon my eyes and another on my heart
In-between worlds I lie and watch the red light glow
As I wait and wait for an eternity alone
Then she appears a moon from beneath clouds
and silence is struck dumb by her gentle purr
She casts off her dark veils and slinks toward my side
Two green stars fill my sight as I feel
Dark tendrils as soft as kisses and kisses as soft as rain
My heartbeats against its dark and solid shell
A weight presses on my form and I feel teeth against my skin
Paralysed by gossamer arms I can only wait
And as darkness takes my mind my heart is full of light.


...kisses as soft as rain

Draco, by ShadowCat


"Don't take any photographs of it.
Just try to forget you ever saw it. "

-Sir Chris Bonington,
on being asked about the Yeti.

I cannot forget those bitter snows;
Angry peaks under pearly skies.
Thoughtless disaster; an avalanche flows-
One desperate memory never dies.

Voices called through lonely nights,
Strange footsteps marred a virgin world.
I ran afraid to friendly lights,
My fingers round an ice-axe curled.

Years like glaciers ground me away,
My statue etched by acid rain.
Something called in the woods today.
I hope the beast returns again.

The clock and I wait, for the end of the day.
The Yeti will come, and we'll go away.

L J P Kilford.