Synergy - June 1998
Where have all the Super Heroes Gone? - Robin
Robot - Ed Marwood
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Where have all the Super Heroes Gone?

Today was the day, the first day of the rest of his life. Today he would stop being a petty criminal and take up his new role - he would become... HamsterMan. He pulled on his new costume and checked himself out in the mirror - yes, it looked perfect. Now for his secret weapons - he'd spent months perfecting the design. First the gloves, the KAPOW and WHAP gloves. He tested them out on the wall, KAPOW, WHAP, WHAP, KAPOW. Perfect. Next the THUD boots. Again he tested them out on the wall, THUD, THUD, THUD. Great.

Now, where to attack first? He paced the room. THUD THUD, THUD THUD, THUD THUD. Aaargh, RIP THUD THUD, RIP THUD THUD. Maybe the boots needed a bit more work, he pondered as he continued pacing in his bare feet. Okay then, his first attack would be to expose the corruption running rife in the city Police department.

To the HamsterMobile! He leapt on board and started it up; the garage door opened and it rolled out - a huge plastic ball. Already he was panting with the effort of keeping the ball rolling. More work needed here as well he decided - maybe copying the design from Gladiators wasn't such a great plan. Then he saw the road ahead, heading downhill to the police station. 'Downhill,' he thought, 'why does that make me nervous?' Then the HamsterMobile rolled onto the slope and began picking up speed. 'Ah,' he thought as he was rolled round and round, 'that's why!' When he regained consciousness the ball had finally reached a halt outside the police station and gathered quite a crowd. Robot, by Ed Marwood

He leapt out of the HamsterMobile and announced "I am HamsterMan and I have come to expose the corruption within the police force!" He pushed though the crowd and into the police station. KAPOW, the man on the front desk was laid out. WHAP, another one bites the dust. KAPOW, WHAP, KAPOW, WHAP, he left them lying behind him. KAPOW, WHAP, THUD, KAPOW, THUD. 'Hang on a minute', he thought, 'I've not brought the THUD boots, what's making the THUD noise?' As he spun around the truncheon crashed down onto his skull once more. 'That'd be it,' he decided as consciousness left him once again.

He woke in a small cell... with padded walls. 'Why the padded walls?' he thought as he looked though the small recessed window. On the door of the cell opposite was a name. He squinted and was just able to make it out, BATMAN.