Synergy - June 1998
Chairentity's (Cod)piece - Ed, Liz
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It's been another successful year for ICSF, we have become even more of a social club than we were last year and better still, we have a new library! The year started quite badly, due to James having to pass the ChairEntityship over to me. This meant that freshers fair was organised in a bit of a rush but showing the Star Wars special edition in the library was a great success - enabled us to lure a large number of members on the day.

The society ran a wide variety of events in the first term, from the dark foreboding of the Goth party and the rampant alcoholism of the barnights, to the films shown in the cinema. In the second term all eyes were turned to Picocon 15 which, after a shaky start, blossomed into a absolutely superb convention that enabled the purchase of large numbers of new books for the library (purrrr... boooks... - karne). And so we come to the new library, after a space report (written by our unfeasibly tall Vice-Chair Thing - he is a spoon) and a drunken conversation with the ICU Council Chair in the Union Bar, we ended up with a room 'neath the southside of Beit Quad. After a number of working parties by the ICSF committee and some money from the Union we were able to move in. Thanks to everyone who helped. The new library has also seen a large amount of use by the Tragic: The Saddening ® players when they got booted out of the old library due to lack of space/general intolerance/being a bunch of sad bastards.

Anyway, enough about the review of the year, this prestigious piece of literature in your hands is the ICSF annual fanzine, produced by the society with stories, drawings and other randomness written by the fair members of the society (and a few random stories by dragons. cats, owls and other such random creatures).

Anyway, enjoy the rest of this Fanzine, hopefully the other stories are more creative than this.

Ed - ChairEntity.

Blob, by Scautura

Everyone keeps telling me that I'm supposed to write some sort of introduction to this thing, so here goes. Welcome to the ICSF Fanzine produced by members of Imperial College Science Fiction Society. Thanks to all those people who submitted something. And to all of you that didn't, maybe you'll get your act together for next year's issue. Then again that's not my responsibility any more (have fun Alex) ..

I didn't get quite as many dragon stories as I would have liked and there were altogether far too many pictures of big robots (thanks, other Ed!).

Thanks to karne for showing me PaceMaker (erm.. is that right? - karne) after I started cursing MS Publisher, (Don't use it, it's evil!). The Fanzine took a while to compile, blame the library move and not being able to get at the computer, but here it finally is. So get a drink of something, sit back and dive into the products of the twisted psyches of the entities that make up ICSF (hopefully your sanity won't be permanently impaired).

Liz - Editor