Section 10 - 1984
Editorial - Guy Riddihough
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The reason for the title of this magazine "The Alternative, Science Fiction Magazine of Imperial College" is because it is exactly that; an alternative to NME, which, as you may know, was the first S.F. Soc magazine to be produced by Imperial. This is now in its fifth year and its quality has vastly improved from its early days. Even so, it is somewhat of a mis-nomer to call NME the Imperial S.F. Soc Magazine as not many members actually get to see it. This is the reason behind the publication of Section 10, to provide you, the members, with a magazine put together by the society. I would like to see a second run at Section 10 before the end of this year but this depends on you. The number of contributors to this first issue was small because most of the work was done over the summer holidays and it is surprising how reluctant students are to think, let alone do anything, during the vacation. I hope that reading this, you will be motivated to produce something better than the art and writing here within. If you do, or you have any comments about Section 10, then dump them in mine or Neil Martin's letter racks in Biochemistry.

Guy Riddihough,
Publicity Officer


There are a lot of trilogies, tetrologies, etc., about now-a-days and once you've bought one you're committed to the lot. So to save you money, don't buy any of those AWFUL books by Julian May (eg "The Golden Torc", "The Many Coloured Land").The characters are cornflake packet cardboard cutouts in situations as believable as Cross Roads. What I would Recommend is the Book Of The New Sun tetrology ("The Shadow Of The Torturer", "The Claw Of The Conciliator", "The Sword Of The Lictor", and "The Citadel Of The Autarch"). Wolfe is a much more capable writer than May, and is capable of evoking a grittily real Earth of the distant future as opposed to May's hollow, stale chocolate egg of the past.