Section 10 - 1984
Music Review - Psychic TV - Kate
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In this Place Without Shadows, Time Wasted is Sleep.

Genesis P Orridge of Psychic TV

Psychic TVs new LP, Dreams Less Sweet, is strictly for those who are willing to listen to something new, something that has no neat easy little niche or category in today's banal stale music, something that seeks to break down those barriers that have become expected and accepted. Psychic TV, the group, are made up of the positive half of Throbbing Gristle, a legend in their own right, namely Genesis P Orridge and Sleazy (Pete) Christopherson whose inspiration is derived from various sources - the other members of the group, (which doesn't have the physical - or mental - limitations of your average 'band'), the experiments of William Burroughs but concentrates on magick, the magic that we all have the ability to perform though few have the level of awareness to do so. Each lyric is potent, a warning, a message, to us all. Listen to this record first on a pair of headphones to appreciate the full effect of the holophonic sound, shut your eyes and you'll be transported to another world, the world which we can allow to become our world if we will it to be so, and allow instinct to overcome the barriers of inhibition which imprison us all. There is no one style of sound, the LP is an experience, you are snarled at by a pack of wolves, buried in a wooden coffin, haunted by the wailing of human thighbone trumpets and you get the impression that 'The Nursery' is a 'nice' place to be. One thing that Psychic TV do not represent is safety, we are vulnerable, each song is unexpectedly different yet each is equally powerful. Nothing is predictable, this is how life really is, and PTV are a group whose philosophy is their existance. The songs vary tremendously, from orchestral tracks, love songs, Gens voice changing easily from menacing to dulcet tones, there is even a song written by Charles Manson (yes the Charles Manson) which destroys any ideas you may have about him confusion reigns. Psychic TV are not being idealistic, we all have the ability to live out our dreams if we allow the first layer to be peeled away. This record is unique, it is worth buying principally for that reason.........

Psychic TV will be performing live in London in March '84 and for those of you who wish to carry these experiments further write to Psychic TV, c/o Some Bizzarre, 17 St. Annes Street, London...