Section 10 - 1984
Small Ads - Svedburg Steve
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Small ads

A wonderful gift for all the family - an eggtimer that TICKS! Filled with sand specially imported from the Nevada desert, this is an eggtimer you can see in the dark. No more frantic worrying over whether the egg is done or not, precision atomic timing is now freely available.

A specially introductory price of $2.00 has been arranged inc. p & p. Please send cheques made out to the J. Wayne Eggtimer Corp., Nevada, USA.

One used planet, approx. 4x106 years old, otherwise v. good condition, slight pollution troubles, rather cramped at the moment. All offers to the United States Of America, Sol III.

One planet, good condition, large oil reserves a must, temperate climate, no indigenous inhabitants (Indians, etc.), preferably in solar system with no other intelligent beings. Enquiries to the United States Of America, Sol III.

Tropical beaches? Clear blue sky? FANTASTIC sunsets? Are these the qualities you look for in a holiday? If so then consider a break on Christmas Islands. Set in a clear, blue tropical sea, these islands were once extremely popular with the Armed Forces. Special aerial tours arranged on request - see the dust cloud.

Contact: British Overseas Travel Agency Whitehall.

The latest in dietary aids. No pills, no diet suppressants, this revolutionary technique involves infection with Tape-worm (Toxicara canis)and nothing else! Once established the Tape-worm will absorb a high proportion of the nutrients consumed by the host, allowing you to eat without worrying about your waist-line.
Other wasting diseases available, but only while stocks last. Department of Parasitology Imperial College.

Sinclair Research Ltd are proud to present:
The ZX98

Latest developments in Uncommitted Logic Array design have produced the latest in state of the art of technology powered by nuclear fuel cells (replacement readily available), the new hand held Sinclair computer offers the computing power of 7 Cray 1's at your fingertips. With 8 Gigabytes of memory available programs will no longer be limited by size. Using the ever popular Sinclair Basic, programs incorporating full sound (via BEEP command) and colour can be run using the revolutionary flat screen TV (available shortly). No more annoying clicks from keyboards the ZX98 incorporates a silent rubberised mat to allow rapid program entry. With 15 functions per key, even a beginner can program professionally in under 10 mins.

Send your cheques for 2.99 + 100 p&p to Sinclair Research Ltd., Cambridge. Guaranteed delivery within 28 days (honest!).