Perihelion - October 2002
Perihelion: The Storytellers -
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Perihelion: The Storytellers

Catseyes Alia Sheikh
Prologue - Descent The Traveller
Tour of Duty Anon
Gun Anon
Departure Alia Sheikh
Clifftop Robbie Bain
Between the Darkness and the Light James P. Barrett
Enrico James P. Barrett
Message in a Bottle, Final Base,
Expedition to the New Territory.
L.J.P. Kilford
Griffin James Shirvill
Demon K5
Snake Alia Sheikh
Angel K3,3
Angel Alia Sheikh
Apotheosis James P. Barrett
Hecatomb Robbie Bain
Shadows Alex Crosse
Dragon Head Alia Sheikh
The Land Where I Am King Alex Crosse
Dragon Alia Sheikh
D.I.Y. Baby-Born Alex Crosse