Perihelion - October 2002
Enrico - James P. Barrett
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For the Immediate Attention of President William Jefferson,

The Subject, one Enrico Swarzhoff, certainly appears to have produced an advance in human knowledge of impressive stature. In fact, I might go as far as to say (if sir you would forgive the indulgence) that it may be one of the greatest breakthroughs in human history. It is just a pity that its discoverer is quite clearly insane. It is, without doubt, that he has, through some means we have yet to properly identify, been able to forceably and controllably create and manipulate temporal displacement, thus allowing him to travel to any point in time he wishes just as easily, and it would seem through similar outward motions, as you or I might reach any point in space. The clear military and strategic, not to mention social and economic, advantages of such a technique, should we ever be able to make him divulge it, are breathtaking, to say the least.

With great difficulty the Stazi have been able, Mr. President, to piece together the original details and location of the initial discovery. It seems that Mr. Swarzhoff was a court scribe to King Richard III some time in the mid twentieth century. His main job appears to have been to attempt to generalise the well known LAIDAR to work with Roentgen Waves (microwaves more specifically) in an attempt to stave off the attacks of the German leader Adolf Hitler (who would not be born for another three centuries). It seems that during a diplomatic excursion one of the King's chief Houscarls was dealing with the small occupying force under the command of the Emperor Maximillian in Devon and managed to obtain a sample of one of their fighter planes. From the circuitry of this device Enrico appears to have developed some form of device or instrument that enabled him to consciously manipulate the flow of the temporal aether, and so permitted travel to any historical period he wished. For some reason the device appears to have only been required for the initial Trip. Since that time the man has shown the ability to move at will, provided he has free movement. This, naturally, he has been deprived of.

Enrico himself, in his madness, has his own explanation for this peculiar effect. I would hardly dare to trouble the President's ears with such a story, were it not for the fact that it is so bizarre I find it difficult to believe it could have been created. He claims, it would appear, that until he made his initial controlled flight no travel in time was possible whatsoever, with the exception of a slow and methodical movement from past to future. He claims that all points upon the Earth existed simultaneously, an archaic word sir which you may have to look up, in the same year, and that birth always preceded death, and effects always followed causes. He claims that his initial trip "fractured history", as if history was some form of earthenware! And that his later controlled movements were due to "perceiving the cracks" which it seems we are all simply falling along without realising it!

Clearly the man is insane.

Yours Faithfully,

Legate J. Edgar Hoover

James P. Barrett