Perihelion - October 2002
Prologue - Descent - The Traveller
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Prologue - Descent

"...And thank you for choosing to travel with Halley's Comet Tours, the universes most popular tour of the Milky Way's renowned Solar System. I hope you are all sitting comfortably as we begin our descent towards..."

Damn it! Why can't they just shut up...?

"...If you look to your left now you will see Pluto the outermost planet of the solar system, and with a diameter of only 2301 kilometres it is the smallest of the nine planets..."

Bloody hell, it's hot. Even the keys on my laptop are melting. They could at least serve drinks on this crappy comet thing...

"Pluto has an orbital time of 248 years and..."

And what? Who cares anyway? It is not as if anyone on this trip is going to remember the endless random facts thrown at them. Why don't they give them something that they will remember? There are so many things worth remembering in this universe. So many ideas, so many truths and tales that it would take an infinity of lifetimes to hear them all. Of all the things that have happened, are happening and will happen; only a mere fraction could ever be told in the life of this universe... but not even that, merely the things we see every moment within our mind's eye would take more time to tell than is countable! The stories we could tell, if only someone would listen... What? You will? You want to hear our tales? Then come, sit with us around the fire and we will tell you tales of the world just beyond the firelight's flickering glare. Let us guide you on a journey to far and distant lands, to places that lie on the edge of our imaginations. Listen and learn, my friend, for this will be a trip you shall always remember, a trip you will always cherish, a trip you will always hold dear to your heart...

Are you ready?


But before we begin I would like to leave you with one last thought. All these stories came from us. They are a part of us. They are us. The world hides us behind faces, thin skin and vacant eyes, but here we are real. We have passed beyond the realm of flesh and blood and become creatures of idea, creatures of thought. This is us, and as we approach perihelion, you will become a part of us, you will understand us like you have never done before; for, believe me, this is the closest you are going to get.

Now, who wishes go first?

The Traveller