Parsec - June 1995


Cover: Aegichronos Setthivoine You
Editorial: Who Knows, Really? Stian "naSti" Ingebrethsen
Sandals' Rant Sandals
Zombie Flesh Eaters Luke Geitzen
The Legend of the Thin Man Ben Liddicott
Blindness of Eyes Tim StClair
The Power of Thought Stian Ingebrethsen
To whom it may concern Michael Tonkin
The Son of the Eye Stian Ingebrethsen
A New Kinda Kick Luke Gietzen
The Flight Ambrose Poons
The Shining Ones Setthivoine You
Darkness Robert Beeston
Five Fathoms Eric Masaba
Back Cover - De(con)struction Luke Geitzen

"Parsec" is the 1995 fanzine for the Imperial College Science Fiction Society, which can be reached at, or care of

I C Union
Beit Quad
Prince Consort Road
London SW7 2BB

All rights reside with original authors.