Parsec - June 1995
Who Knows, Really? - Stian "naSti" Ingebrethsen
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Who Knows, Really?

What is Science Fiction? Is it a genre of books specially designed for all the anoraks out there who want to have something to read on their way to London Bridge for a wonderful day of trainspotting? Is it the litterature for scientists and engineers, who want to see exactly how much of the science in the books they can say "Hey, that's not possible. Duh!" about?

It' s not.

Science Fiction is a method of exploring and illustrating humans, our psyche and our emotions, given the opportunitities and threats technology offers. The perspective may differ; From looking at human society at present, to looking at history in retrospect from a vantage point orbiting mars, say, the author will always try to fmd the angle that suits his particular analysis best... This might include the form, the length, the language and the mood of the story.

picture of scantily clad sword weilding maiden here

The title of this years fanzine has been chosen to be Parsec. This is because a Parsec is the longest single standing measure of spatial distance that humans have so far come up with. I want this to symbolise the different forms of expression that appear in this magazine - from poetry to cartoon strips, from pieces of art to verbose short stories, the distance is as vast as that between the first firewielding neolithic man and the humans of the late twentieth century.

Therefore I would like you to think of this when you read the stories that appear here. Keep in mind that humans are humans are humans are possibly quite loopy, and that the selected authors have tried to illustrate this as best they can.

If you don't agree with me, you're entitled not to. I would still fight for your right to die a slow and horrible death...

Read and enjoy.

Stian "naSti" Ingebrethsen - Editor

A big thankyou will have to go to Tim StClair, who bothered to type some of the biggest dribble that has ever been written in human history, which on his suggestion was then not included.

Thankyou, Tim.