Paradigm - June 1997
Jaycee -Stian Ingebrethsen
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"uh, roger that, mission control. We have established orbit and we're sending the recce squadron down now."

"Departure timed at 3497.2 and 3 quarts. Trajectories look good. No apparent defences. We're approaching with caution."

"No, that's a negative. We have established contact wt. the indigenous population. They are intelligent and have developed a multitude of languages. Psychoprobes seem only to be partially effective at blocking off long term memory. Information is enclosed."

"They seem to have attained a higher level of transportation than previously. They are currently sending junk into orbit."

"Negative that, Mission Control - No trace of downed recce probe. We assume the probe has eroded away. Crash occurred less then two thousand revs ago but atmosphere is especially corrosive. There are no traces of the pilot, Jaycee. We believe he may have been absorbed by microfauna."

"Ah, Mission Control, we have detected a craft on intercept course. We are currently executing avoidance manoeuvres. Awaiting situation."

"Mission Control, have established new orbit. Impact danger avoided. Previously mentioned craft heading for the only satellite."

"Yeah, confirmed. Craft has put down on satellite. Two creatures have explored immediate surroundings. Intercepted radio communication with planet. Message garbled but interpreted as "the eagle has landed...A small step for... " Rest of message lost due to being in radio shadow of satellite,"

"Yeah, it has taken them a hell of a long time to get there. They were in the stone age for centuries!"

Stian Ingebrethsen