Paradigm - June 1997
A Touch of Reality - Andy Steele, michael
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A Touch of Reality


Another day, another planet. Another year, another fanzine. And so we progress down the river of dreams on an unending journey in search of what was once lost.

Not wanting to appear the obsequious sycophant I so clearly am, I decided not to start by thanking Michael profoundly for the time and effort he has put into creating the masterpiece you now hold in your hand. Nor will I bother to thank all the aspiring authors who slaved for days, or minutes, to come up with the entertainment they astutely crafted for your predilection. I especially don't want to thank Sett who has done such an excellent job on the graphics he produced, not to mention some great posters over the years, else this will start to resemble just another dull speech at the Oscars.

No, I feel my place is to add a little sanity to the, judging by the nature of the submissions, clearly disturbed, twisted and surreal minds you all seem to possess. As I prepare to leave IC, and fail to prepare, or prepare to fail, my final exams, a moment of retrospection. I feel I have learnt that icsf will never be the strongly literate, artistic, perhaps elitist forum I once hoped I might help it become.

But I am pleased that it has moved in a more social, even if that also means more populist direction. At this point, if you are still wading through this torpid prose you may be coming to the conclusion that this man is a vacuous misanthrope. Perhaps that is a fitting epitaph to my career with icsf. Thanks for the memory.



I've been told a number of times that by holding the esteemed (?) post of fanzine editor, I get to write a little something here at the beginning of this weighty tome. I find myself wondering quite how this tradition came about and whether it's really because some ed. in the dim and distant past actually had something meaningful to say or if, far more likely, it's just another way of wasting space. Sorry, filling space not wasting it, filling - (yeah right). Anyway - here I am in the RCSU office using something evil whilst trying to find something deep, insightful and fundamentally satisfying to say - and failing spectacularly. <sigh>

Anyway: Here's the 'zine, it finally got done and despite the fears of several members of the committee, it's not entirely made up of dragon stories (nobody's perfect and I can't write them all myself...)! So you'll find rather a mish mash of stuff here - I'd intended a rather graphical fanzine this year with a more balanced blend of fantasy and science fiction and I don't think this is that far off the mark (I hope.)

So, I've got loads of people to thank, for most part they know who they are but in particular:
- naSti for showing me Quark, on a Mac, in Norwegian and for dumping the job on me in the first place.
- hl for putting up with my headless chicken (dragon?) impressions, correcting my spelling and for the avocado.
- Smiley for answering "how much money do we have?" with "how much do you want?" and for playing SuperPong when I wanted to use the 'puter.
- Queen of Silence and ShadowCat for being helpful and wearing happy green dragons respectively as well as being 2/3 of the icsf female contingency.
- Selkie for looking understanding - as always.
- Phil for handing in a great story far too late and Sett for turning me green.
and last of all Sandals who has probably run away screaming by now.
Finally a bit of advice - don't use Word, don't use a PC (or a Mac) and DON'T become fanzine editor when you've got exams to do - (bad luck Liz!)

Enjoy - or go away and write better.

michael - editor