Paradigm - June 1997
The Demented Spaceman's Legacy - Setthivione You
The Mistake - ShadowCat
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The Demented

Spacemans' Legacy

At three and sixty, four by two
the razored grace of jool preside
by staggered four then two then three
the moons revolve at measured pace.

Though flexing braid is gone throughout
the golden rings are flash with fire
but shepherd moons guide straying flock
as wolves through system prowl for life

at ninety, forty, six and twenty
bags of gold through labour hard
has piled their karma, pure and plenty
waiting for the golden cause.

But woe to trav'lers, unprepared,
as emeralds shine on death untold
the readiness of humans, tectoids
thrice Millohpoids few and 'fectious

pride themselves in fence and gatewatch
silent sensing seeking swords
that prod and prick with fingers bright
of radar, commo, grav and neutrons

pensing not for seconds tiny
dispensing justice harsh but fair
of robbers, crooks and venture seekers
trawling ranging twirling farthings
looking for the treasure bright

Stian Ingebrethsen

The Mistake

Surrounded by metal walls.
Pastel clothes filling the hallways.
Voices speaking in muted whispers.
Air purified by machines.
Food processed in vats.

Never to go outside with a suit
Or look up at a cloudless sky.
Trapped inside a metal coffin.
All because of a simple mistake.
One tired technician.

Who pressed the wrong button.