Paradigm - June 1997
Orion - Stian Ingebrethsen
Falcon's Keep - ShadowCat
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I have seen things you
will never believe -
Attack ships on fire
off the shoulder of Orion.

Transports spiralling
out of control
towards barren moons
of ice and dust.

Ambushed double crossed
colony ships
wrapping themselves
round asteroids hurled
with malice
towards a distant doom.

Thrice blessed I have been
tears on fire through a hoop of ice
averted the cruisers' spear of death
chaff of discarded coffins lured
the frigates' nails as storm of wrath
but sacrifice damned my last escape
through friendship, love and lust behold

as pods of freight, of common yield
was guided to their place of glory
by the last of the "hunted few"
as she staved off the mines of Antares 3

perishing in the process, a gallant,
selfless              gesture
And as she entered forever the
of the people that she saved.

She became known as the heroine of the
wheat and beat
the gallant temptress of the guerilla.
The Delilah of the starry skies.
The female David
the Joan of Garth the Medusa
of the Moon of          Fyth
the last of the hunted few.

The last?
The last but one.

Stian Ingebrethsen

Opening lines ungraciously
nicked from Bladerunner

Falcon's Keep

Beside the purple heather,
by waters still and deep.
On a desolate moor,
lies Falcon's Keep.

It's lord lies in the courtyard,
white skull grinning at the gate.
Awaiting reinforcements,
which reached him far too late.

The minstrels tell a story,
filled with dark and gloom.
Of Lord Falcon's treasure,
lying buried 'neath his tomb.

They sing of gold and silver,
fit to fill a Dragon's lair.
Just hidden in the castle,
to be found by those who dare.

Yet have you ever wondered,
when all is said and done.
When Falcon's Keep lies empty,
visited by none.

It was Lord Falcon's treasure,
of which the minstrels sing.
That brought this down upon him,
and made his death knell ring.

The rumour of his treasure,
were spread throughout the land.
From icy snow peaked mountains,
to the sea of shifting sand.

The tale was made into a song,
that all the bards would sing.
'Till last it reached the ears,
of a mercenary king.

His hungry mind was fill with greed,
of the plunder he would reap.
He formed a mighty army,
and set off for Falcon's Keep.

The other Lords were jealous,
and regarded him with hate.
So they sent their reinforcements,
when they knew it was too late.

The gates were loosely guarded,
so they forced their way inside.
There was a short lived battle,
and Lord Falcon swiftly died.

And now the Keep lies empty,
the treasure still unfound.
All those who seek it vanish,
without a single sound.

So now you know the legend,
of Lord Falcon's grim demise.
And why the Keep is empty,
avoided by the wise.