NME 3 - 1982

Notably More Exact


Cover G. Riddihough
Fake Contents K. C. Mann
President's Piece
Treasurer's Report
E. Pechersky
G. Woodhouse
T. Fern
Sec's Out, Round 3
Publicity Officer's Report
Scapegoat's Report
E. Pechersky
Guy Riddihough
Brian Haunton
Letters Page
The Adventures of Jim The Triffid K. C. Mann
The Five Faces of Dr. Who Tim Fern and J.C. Reynolds
The New Dr Who
Brian Haunton
The Story of Your Life
Skink Pt 1
D. Howe
M. Jeffcock
An Extract from "The Kid Who Made Nasty Things Happen" by St*ph*n K*ng
Skink Pt 2
K. C. Mann
M. Jeffcock
Review of Heavy Metal
Skink Pt 3
Graham Woodhouse
M. Jeffcock
On The Beach by J. G. Bollard
Skink Pt 4
M. Jeffcock
The Trouble With Interplanetary Travel Guy Riddihough
K. C. Mann
Guy Riddihough
Life Seemed Dull
Reading Bug
Jonathan Flint
Guy Riddihough
The Blind Man's Guide to Blake's 7 R.L. Fair
COSSAR AWARD (A page missed out of the Encyclopedia of Science Fiction COSSAR
Crossword E. Pechersky, S. Barnett, K. C. Mann
Gothic Story Pieter Stubb
A Thermodynamical Analysis of the Committee -
- A Case for the Post of Maxwell's Demon
Stephen Barnett
The Thermodynamics of Conversation G. Riddihough
back cover G. Riddihough

This magazine was produced by Imperial College Science Fiction Society.

Typed with Research Machine 380Z onto Dysan floppy disks. Printed out on Anderson & Jacobson printer onto A4 paper, copied down on Ubix and Connon 5500 photocopiers. Lithoed in the Mines print unit, Imperial College.

Communications to the editor.

All copyright remains with the original authors and artists.