NME 3 - 1982
Fake Contents - K. C. Mann

Neglect Misleading Elucidation


Cat and Mouse Games in S.F. Tom Godwin and
Jerry Pournelle
The Problems of the Successful Author Henry J. Kostcos 5
Fantasy Fiction in the Midlands Leicester del Rey 7
The Didact/Aethete Dichotomy in the Contempory Urban Zeitgeist Situation George Scithers 9
Myth and Meaning in Noggon the Nog Lin Carter 12
Kill Adric and Spider Robinson.
(The Society for the promotion of S.F. reveal their plans)
Why Making America Fantastically
Wealthy Benefits the Third World
Dr. J. Pournelle 17
The Problems of Co-Authorship Hal Clement and
Ursula K. LeGuin
FICTION - Short Stories
About Tea-Time at the Well of Souls Jack Chalker 20
Camber the Solicitor K. Kurtz 23
Lord of the Rings Engineers Larry Tolkein 26
Another Nude Woman with Big Tits and a Dragon Boris Vallejo 22