NME 3 - 1982
Review of Heavy Metal - Graham Woodhouse
Skink pt 3 - M. Jeffcock
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Review of Heavy Metal

by Graham (What's wrong with yellow trousers?)Woodhouse

Superb, amazing, incredible, breathtaking, these are just a few of the words to be found in the Oxford English Dictionary. Heavy Metal on the other hand appears to be a rather mixed bag of attractions with none of them being particularly outstanding with the possible exception of the final chapter (you're not serious?-Ed).

The music (heavy metal) is good but if that's why you're going, forget it! It's so quiet that it loses all of its appeal. Heavy metal is certainly not background music.

The film consists of seven different stories all linked by the theme of evil in the form of a green crystal ball, varying from a Chandleresque vision of near future urban decay to a ridiculously cartoon close encounters and from a Tarzan in a jungle on a distant planet to a Captain Kremmen type space trial.

Without doubt the best chapter must be the final one of the ultimate battle between good and evil on a strange barren but wonderful planet. The film is mostly enjoyable and good wins the upper hand......For the time being!