NME 3 - 1982
The Story of Your Life - D. Howe
Skink pt 1 - M. Jeffcock
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Not Much Excitement

The Story of Your Life

D. Howe

"That's funny, I seem to be reading a story about myself," you think. But then you realise that it wasn't your thought but something you read in the magazine. "But if I'm not thinking, then how do I know I exist?" you ask yourself worriedly. Then you relax, for you realise that in asking yourself that question you prove your own existence. But then a sudden fear grips you, "What if I read that too? Maybe I don't exist after all." You stop reading and concentrate. "Good," you think, "I'm still thinking.". You pick up the magazine and read on and are disconcerted to find the character in the magazine picking up the magazine and reading it. "It must just be coincidence," you both think simultaneously.

What's it like being a character in a story?" you wonder as if expecting a reply from the person in the story, or was the character asking you? You don't know any more. "I don't believe this is a real sotry," you think, "It hasn't got much of a plot anyway, I mean somebody reading a magazine about themself is hardly exciting, I wonder how it ends."

You start reading the last paragraph and, predictably enough so does the person in the story. "What will happen when I reach the end?" you think, "Maybe I'll stop thinking when the story stops." This idea worries you so much that you start reading it again from the beginning. Or you die of a heart attack.