NME 3 - 1982
Sec's Out, Round 3 - Elise Pechersky
Publicity Officer's Report - Guy Riddihough
Scapegoat's Report - Brian Haunton
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Notorious Male Egotism

Sec's Out, Round 3

by Elise Pechersky

Well, this is the bit where I try to make all non-I.C.S.F.S. Members jealous.

As promised, we shown "2001", "Alien", "Bedazzled", "Time after Time", "Plan 9 from Outer Space", "Relativity", "The Big Bus" and "Night of the Lepus" and will show "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" next term.

We have also had two speakers, Barrington J. Bayley, who spoke on his theory of the separation of the planets and Chris Priest, who spoke on what makes S.F.. We should like to thank them both.

Our library is growing, although meetings are poorly attended. However, if you want to read a certain book and can't afford to buy it, we're a good bet, as if we haven't got it, we'll try to get it.

That's all for now. If you have any ideas, I'm probably the one to come to with them - don't hesitate.

it's a breakthrough I tell you - at last an olive for a bussard ram-jet! - by K. C. Mann

Publicity Officer's Report

by Guy Riddihough

Love, like science fiction, is something we all know of but cannot define. I make no attempt to here. I leave that to the innumerable prefaces of s.f. short story anthologies where the various anthologists/authors make great play out of delimiting the s.f. genre and reducing the whole field to one trite sentence, often so general that it ceases to have any meaning. In fact it is those who meticuloursly set the parameters of s.f., like gaolers gleefully shackling their prisoner, that are the real constraints on the field.

Science fiction has no limits, this much is implicit. Everything is science fiction, (Chris Priest didn't think so. Ed.) or if you so feel, nothing is science fiction. It is what you make it; your life, your leisure, your pet hate, your blind spot, your what ever you want. The apppeal of s.f. is its very flexibility - read Chris Priest's "Space Machine" and see what I mean.

But (and there always is one) (yes and at the beginning of a sentence too. Ed) due to s.f.'s flexibility to mould itself to your tastes (and to millions of others) the unscrupulous amount the human race have exploited the field. It's not just the publishers saturating the genre with overworked anthologies, "nice" s.f. mags with "nice" little stories in, it's the authors themselves. Some seem to assume that their readers are all ten year old boys with fixations on Airfix models or Apollo's Saturn Five boost, (a phallic symbol, perhaps - self worship?) Others grind out novel after bland, doughy novel like some kind of malfunctioning plastic duck mould machine. It is such as these that brand s.f. with the badge of poor quality and even worse taste.

But you and I know what lies behind the lies and deceits; a world full and rich, capable of stretching the emotions to their limits and perhaps beyond.

Scapegoat's Report

by Brian Haunton

Sorry, didn't have time to write one.