NME 3 - 1982
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The later version of the magazine. Cover by Vincent DiFate.


Awarded annually by Cossar who can't think of anything else to write

by S. Barnett

Worst first sentence for a novel:
"Gilbert Snook was a human anti-neutrino" in "A Wreath of Stars" by Bob Shaw.
(This novel also won a special award for the worst novel ever written voted on by a group of fans ejected from the UFP Star Trek Convention, Coventry.)

Barbara Cartland write-alike prize:
Ursula K LeGuin for "The Left Hand of Darkness"

Special Award for the man with the worst job in the world:
J.G. Ballard's driving instructor.

EE 'Doc' Smith Award for scientific and literary excellence.
Ian Watson for "The Jonah Kit"

Award for self publicity
Steev Higgins for writing abusive letters to every university fanzine.

Kenneth Tynan Award for people who think it is clever to say "fucking" on television:
Michael Moorcock (also tied with Brian W Aldiss for the Clarke Senility Award)
See Also: Asimov, Clement, Brunner


One of the many names used by Ziff-Davison.