NME 3 - 1982
On The Beach by J. G. Bollard - Cossar
Skink pt 4 - M. Jeffcock
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Newfangled Mutation Eats

On The Beach by J. G. Bollard

by Cossar

For the Third time that week Powers left his cabin and walked across the deserted beach towards the last of the wartime defenses. Above him the mid-day sun screamed down onto the sand producing a shimmering haze which distorted the rigid lines of the defences. Powers reached the first of the concrete block. Protruding from the concrete were rusting metal reinforcement bars, broken arteries of a bygone age. Powers had found that by standing on the block he could see the road and watch the arrival of the man in white.

Powers sat in the centre of the block and checked his watch, 13:01. He inwardly breathed a sigh of relief as it appeared the man would not come, but then the ramshackle vehicle appeared at the end of the road. The van was clearly very old and in a few years' time it would be just another rusting, burnt-out shell littering the roadside, but now Powers could see the man behind the wheel, dressed as ever in his white coat. Powers thought of the psycho-analyst he had visited the previous week and the neuro-surgeon who had operated on him two years before.

The van stopped not ten yards from Powers and he turned round and looked back towards the rotting hulk of the cabin cruiser that was his home. His eyes tracked round the Judith's beach house. The door opened and Judith came out and ran towards the van. Powers looked at her face, a grimacing mask framed by her raven hair. She ran up to the van and spoke to the man in white.

"Two 99s and a choc-ice please." An icy chill ran through Powers' body.