NME 3 - 1982
Editorial - Elise Pechersky
President's Piece - Graham Woodhouse
Treasurer's Report - Tim Fern
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No More Excuses


I hope you enjoy this fanzine - I like it, but then that's why I used the things I did. To all the contributors, including those whose work I did not use, many thanks, and extra thanks to Ken who helped me type up.

I'd still like to know why Steev will write to every college fanzine except this one, from his own college, and why COSSAR won't give me his real name. By the by, Cossar, if you want back the piece I didn't use to submit to a mag. with lower moral standards, let me know. There are limits.

Please write to me, to contribute to N.M.E.4, or with abuse, advice, or maybe even to say you liked it.

Hope to hear from you.

Ed., N.M.E.3, 255, Kingston Rd, Ewell, Epsom, Surrey, KT19 OBN.

President's Piece

by Graham (I can do the cube in 47 secs!) Woodhouse

Being abreast of world news (the assassination of president Sadat and the attempts on the lives of Ronald Reagan and the Pope) I bring you this address from deep in the recesses of a Physics lecture theatre disguised as a Physics student attending a lecture; better safe than sorry.

As expected I have no information to give to you, read the sec/ed's bit. I can say, however, that we have a new publicity officer who is much better than the last one (sorry Adric!) (Well I'm allowed one in-joke aren't I?)

Anyway I want to get back to my as yet unsolved Moebius cube; so now the society which shows more films than Wellsoc brings you its THIRD fanzine, fillled with ever more articles even more interesting than this one. (You don't believe it? Read on.)

Treasurer's Report

by Tim Fern

I am glad to announce that I am now in a position to reveal a detailed account of S.F. soc. finances ((at this point this article was hit by a 2k-letter singularity bomb through which no information can survive except those parts protected in parenthesis shelters.))

(six anti-Adrics)


(I deny saying "It means I'm a very rich man and you need a far better treasurer."